We’re a unique organization that specializes in providing custom water purification and wastewater treatment systems with an emphasis on technical field service, plant management, training seminars and a 24 hour a day support unmatched by anyone world wide. As an independent distributor, LifeSource represents many manufacturers of water treatment systems, components, and chemicals. This allows us to choose the optimum system for each application.

What we do

LifeSource specifies, installs, finances, maintains, and manages custom water purification and wastewater treatment systems ranging in size from large turnkey public municipalities to household units. The technical expertise and experience of our personnel is put to work to solve your individual personal water needs, wherever in the world they may be, in the most cost effective, timely, and beneficial way possible.

What we can do for you

Management contracts include scheduled on-site technical service to insure that our clients’ systems are operating within the design parameters to provide optimum performance. During our service calls your operating personal will gain hands-on experience, which includes training and technical advice.

Everyone’s water needs are different. LifeSource understands that and works to provide the quality and quantity of water you need to fit within your budget. Because we utilize the resources of many component manufacturers, we can develop a system that precisely meets your needs. Whether you need the installation of complete water or wastewater system, a B.O.O.T system, an upgrade to your existing system, on-line troubleshooting, pump repairs, or a more cost-effective supply source, LifeSource has the resources to meet your needs. Our experienced staff can also provide daily monitoring of your water supply. Personnel are on-call 24 hours a day.

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