Golden Era Resort

This 750-gallon per day wastewater treatment plant was commissioned at the Golden Era Resort, Lower Town, Sint Eustatius, Netherlands Antilles in 2002. The system was selected for the low maintenance compact design that can be installed below grade. This system is designed to accommodate a second system to run in parallel to double the capacity to 1,500 gallons per day. The effluent is exposed to ultra violet before being utilized for landscape irrigation.

Waste Water

Simpson Bay Marina

Simpson Bay Marina, Sint Maarten NA selected LifeSource Engineering to provide the 1,500-gallon per day Waste Water Treatment system in December 2003. This system was installed in a 3,000-gallon custom fabricated Polyethylene tank to eliminate the possibility of failure due to damage during shipping and provide an unlimited lifespan for the tank. The effluent of this system is utilized for irrigation of the property.

Simpson Bay Marina sits at the epicenter of what is undoubtedly the island's most complete residential / marine / commercial center.

Constructed in the late 1980's as part of the massive pioneering "lagoon Area Development Project" known as Simpson Bay Marina. This large-scale, phased resort development is today a vibrant, hugely popular marina village featuring 84 apartments, 50 shops and offices, several bustling restaurants, swimming pools, tennis courts, pristine landscaping and structured internal roads and parking areas.


Waste Water

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