This 90,000 gallon per day seawater reverse osmosis system was commissioned at Port de Plaisance, Sint Maarten, Netherlands Antilles, Caribbean in 1990. The system consists of an open intake from a seawater lagoon where the feed water is forwarded to the R/O building by above ground centrifugal pumps. Prior to the R/O system, it is essential to use multimedia, activated carbon, chemical injection, cartridge filtration, and an ultra-filter membrane system to process the contaminated feed water. This extensive pre-treatment array is necessary to address the fouling potential of the R/O membranes due to the poor quality of the lagoon. The single pass R/O system utilizes membranes with a minimum rejection of 99.8% to achieve an average permeate quality of 350 ppm. Post-treatment is comprised of a calcium carbonate contact tank to adjust the pH and alkalinity, zinc orthophosphate injection for corrosion control, and calcium hypochlorite injection for sanitation.

LifeSource Engineering, Inc. has a management contract with this client and is on-site 6-8 times per year.


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